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Rainbow Sherbet

rainbow sherbet of mango, avocado, and jamaica

Rainbow sherbet is something I think most Americans grew up with. For me, the specific combination of colors evokes nostalgic sentiments. That said, beyond being vaguely citrusy, actual rainbow sherbet never had much of a clear and discernible flavor to me.

For this dish, we deliberately focused on those colors--pastel orange, pastel green, and pinkish fuchsia--in order to make it recognizable to those who remember it from their youth. We took each of the three and recreated them by selecting flavors that we think would produce or otherwise match up with them. We ended up with mango, avocado, and jamaica flower. Rather than swirling the flavors, we fused the trio together so that each one remained distinct.

-Chef Alex Stupak

Available at Empellón (510 Madison Ave.)

Photo by Evan Sung